January 24, 2011

A Succesful Clothing Piece

For a long time now I have been attempting many garments...but they never work out. The piece may turn out great, but it never fits me. It's either to small (apparently I think I'm smaller then I really am) or looks horrible on me. I get very disappointed with it but I can't seem to give up on it! Well this weekend I decided to take a stab at a skirt pattern, and once again, it didn't work out. So instead of tossing in the towel like I usually do, I took it and made my own pattern out of it. I made up my own pattern and turned it in to this wrap skirt below. It was out of a plaid wool blend I got on clearance at Hancock's. What a treat! Maybe with some more practice I can master this garment sewing.

So on to my next project. Well my next project of many. I was hunting around on blogs today and came across Quilt Dad's blog and there is a Block-A-Palooza that has started today! I'm definitely not a quilter-I leave that up to my mom, but decided this would be a great way to learn some techniques. Below is my first block that is all cut out, and just needs to be sewn up. Click on the icon to the left to find out more about it. Join in on the fun! I will be posting my blocks as they are completed.


  1. Skirt looks great! Love the fabric for your quilt blocks.

  2. Looks like a great start Elyse!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!