January 3, 2010

New Years Resolutions

So besides the most common New Years Resolutions of losing weight and saving money, the real resolutions are focused on my sewing addiction. I mean really,I'm only trying to focus on the important things here.

So I would have to start with my sewing table. Now I am a very clean and orderly person...almost to the point of OCD. BUT, this sewing table is organized, only in my mind though. It consists of two aprons I have to finish, a Messenger Bag that I want to finish before I start classes in two weeks, a button down dress that I can't wait to complete so I can wear it with my cowboy boots, and a few other random things.

Next comes the pile of my fabric that is overtaking this shelf. Notice how the shelf is bowing? One day a huge crash is going to give me my first heart attack and it will be this shelf crashing down. But really, is there any good way to organize fabric? By the way I blame my addiction on my mother.

And not to mention all of the projects in my books I have not yet started but I am dieing to.
Oh and then there is this shirt that has been sitting on my mannequin for a few months that is yelling at me to finish.
And finally, my first crochet project. There have been many crochet projects since this one has began, but this particular project has not yet been finished. It consists of 12 skeins, and might be the slowest stitch of my life. But it's very pretty and matches my living room, so it will/must get finished.

So there you have it, my project resolutions. And no matter how busy I am with my job and school, oh, and that part-time job I felt I needed to add to my list, there is always time to sew, and they will get done! What are your project resolutions?