August 19, 2011

An Around the House Celebration

I recently put on a bridal shower for my best friend Whitney who I am maid of honor in her wedding. The theme was 'around the house' shower so on the invite each person received a different room to get a gift for. I put a lot of home made touches in to the shower and I think it turned out really well!

Above is an overall view of the food table. Hanging on a strip of fabric are all pictures of Whitney and her fiance John.
Here is a close up of some of the food! It was all pretty yummy.

This was my most prized part of the shower. I made this 'flower' arrangement out of voile fabric that turned in to the center piece of the table. People did mistake it for flowers! Stuck in to this arrangement were cakepops! They were my first time making them-very long process but turned out good and delic in the end.
Here are my little food cards. I had my brother assist in this (aka he took the knife out of my hand in fear)-he cut a wine cork in half and then put a little slit in it for the card. This is very quick and would be a nice presentation for name cards at a table.
Here are my bride and groom cupcakes! I found this kit at Crate & Barrel a while back and it had the cupcake wrappers and the little bride and groom for the cupcakes. Really made the cupcakes stand out.

Here in the corner I had my gifts table. I made a banner out of fabric and then cut out the letters that spelled gift and sewed them on. Really cute addition for the table.
Here is my big helper-my mom! I could not have done it without her. She did so much for me and helped it all come together! Not to mention provide half of the platters and dishes...
She brought some very lovely flowers also! Fresh from the garden.
Here are some bridesmaids with the bride!
These were the favors-a little to go box to take some goodies home.
Me and the lovely bride to be!
After opening gifts, she was sporting the awesome apron that my mother made that everyone signed.

An all together great day!

August 4, 2011

Warrior Bootie...

I haven't been in blog land in quite a while but I have been QUITE the busy lady. Yesterday my shirts came in for the Warrior Dash event I'm participating in in just a couple of weeks! I'm excited and terrified all in the same. I have a group of girls from work I am going with and we are going to tackle the course together! Of course we had to have cute shirts with a cute logo so hence the team name, 'Wardashians'. I was thrilled how the logo I designed came out on the shirts and can't wait to sport them the day of the even. Now to figure out what color shorts to wear...I probably should be more focused on the training then the outfit...

Now on to some bootie. hehe. The cutest lady I work with is having a baby (just a few weeks away) and we had a shower for her a few weeks ago. My friend told me about diaper cakes so I googled a tutorial and came up with the cake below! I had to top it with something fun and I came up with these crocheted booties below. They are SO cute and I thought camo was perfect for a little boy!

The booties were a quick thing to whip up and were a great 'cake topper'. The cake is centered with a bottle of baby powder and wrapped with some thin strips of fabric. Some people use ribbon but of course I went for the fabric. Then I just jazzed it up with some fun stickers I picked up at the craft store! This is a great idea for any baby shower.

Now let's hope the Warrior Dash doesn't kick my bootie!