September 5, 2011

Old in to New-Ties and Lace

Inspired by my favorite store Anthropologie, I saw these earrings while shopping and thought I could definitely come up with something similar. So after raiding mom's stash of lace, I cut out the shapes with little snip it scissors and I took a sponge brush and doused them with Stiffy. I then let them dry overnight and I put some earring hooks on. So easy and it saved me from making another purchase at Anthro! When needing creative inspiration that store will definitely help...if not drain you of a few bucks.
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Above are my earrings!
In my recycling trend (and while continuing the raid at the parent's house) I took an old tie that my dad would never wear again and turned it in to the necklace above. Grand idea was found here. It almost looks like a collar to a shirt. LOVE it and it is very different. Can't wait to wear it. It's great to turn some old pieces in to transformed new pieces!