July 20, 2009

A Finished Project!

I finally finished this shirt that I have been working on forever. There was one step that really stumped me, so it took me awhile to get back in to the project. This is an Amy Butler pattern and the pattern is really neat because it comes in many different lengths. The pattern is set up so that you can make a short top, a long top length (which I chose) or a dress length. I have worn it with a white cardigan and it looks really good. I also like it because it has pockets; I am a big fan of pockets for some odd reason. When it comes to sewing clothes for myself I have not been successful so this was really encouraging that it came out well, and that it fits! I have a fun dress pattern that I plan on attacking next.

This is the back view. It sort of scrunched up on my mannequin. I did my first invisible zipper. It came out well, just not to invisible...

These shoulders were the tricky part. If you look close you can see little pleats. Hard to sew but they are really cute! The shirt would be very plain without it!

After my move, there will be many more pictures and updates to come!