February 26, 2011

I finished another block in the Block-A-Palooza! This was definitely the hardest one so far but I got it done! This block took me two nights...it's a good thing I don't have an exciting social life; I mean, it would really put a damper on my sewing. :)

I really like the solid teal with the purple dots on the flying geese border. I think it really pops. I wish I picked a second bolder print for the center 9 patch, but I think all together it looks pretty good. So excited to how this quilt is coming along. I am a little behind on the Palooza but I'm determined to catch up!

February 22, 2011

Bonding Moments

So this weekend I had the grand idea to replace my current dresser with a new one from Ikea. I have had my eyes on it for awhile so Saturday I went! Mom and dad met me at the store with their truck and off to my condo we went. It was about 11 and we figured we would be done by 12 and off to the bro's for lunch. Yeah not so much...a million parts and three hours later, we have a dresser! My dad was awesome in doing most of the work. Notice the purple hammer...

To start the week off I spent some quality time with my friend Jeff P. and he taught me how to make these awesome fabric baskets. I've never made these or seen them so it was awesome to learn. After wrapping the cord for FOREVER we finally got to sewing and this is how it turned out! These baskets are so fun to make and I plan to make many more! Thanks Jeff!

And here it is, my two projects all put together! Many thanks to Dad and Jeff. (And Mom of course for the company).

February 8, 2011

Block #4 (Yes I skipped 3)

So yes, it is 11:30 and WAY past my bedtime. I will regret this in the morning. But with too much on my mind, sewing always has been a good distraction for me so I attacked Block 4 with an aggression. I'm currently having some issues with Block 3 so I can't let that hold me up! Feeling a little crazy stepping out of order anyways.

Below reveals my favorite block yet! I just love how the colors came together. My roommate has been helping me with the fabrics through this project. Her little contribution. I just can't start with a block without having that confirmation from someone that it all flows well together.

Well I'm off to bed-extra coffee in the morning for sure.

February 5, 2011

First week finished!

So I have completed the first week of Block-A-Polooza! Below is the second block on the blog tour. This block definitely took up some time. All those little squares took so much time to sew! And of course me being the meticulous person I am, had to match up the square points as best as I could. I probably re-pinned some pieces five different times to try and get them right. Now I'm on to the third block. One of the steps says 'sew with a scant'. Not sure how to do that so I will be googling how to do that!

Below is another project I have started (there are just so many) that is long overdue. I'm going to try and get it done this weekend and then I will show you more!