December 27, 2009

Christmas come and gone

Can you believe that Christmas is already past?? I still can't believe this year is over. It seems when you stay busy, the time can just fly by. Once I finished my finals for the semester, someone mentioned at work that Christmas was the week after and my jaw dropped. I thought for sure I had an extra week in there! I am usually ahead of things when it comes to Christmas presents, but this year I was just on time! Many great presents I received will be shown on later posts when I can get pictures of everything. Below is a picture of the family on Christmas Eve. We went to go see 3 miles worth of lights and to our wonderful surprise, there was a petting zoo. A somewhat odd petting zoo that involved a zebra and a porcupine (um, we didn't pet that one) but much fun to say the least!

This is a project I have been meaning to show for a while. It is a lampshade makeover that I did for my apartment. I was given this lamp from a girl at work that was moving out of her house, so I snagged this lamp. It came with a lamp shade that was red that didn't go with my stuff. So I came across this lamp shade tutorial and loved it. I got a cheap white lampshade from Wal-Mart and began the project. I think it turned out great and really transformed the lamp. Now i just have to make sure mom doesn't steal it out of my apt!