March 28, 2011

Stitchin away

Hello color! I recently got my hands on all of this gorgeous floss and pearl thread (a lil perk for working for a thread company) and I have so many projects I want to create with it! But here is a large project that I finally finished. I took elements out of the fabric I made for my shower curtain and created some wall art that were hand stitchings of some designs.
I took sketch paper and drew the design on the paper, and then I put it on top of the fabric and stuck the embroidery hoop on. You have to get the hoop really tight for it to be easy to work with. Then you just stitch over the paper and follow your design.

Then, I slowly peeled off the paper; to get the paper out of small areas tweezers really came in handy.

Then for my two larger pictures I put them in shadow boxes from Ikea. The two smaller prints were just in regular frames from Ikea as well.

And vuala! Here they are all put together! It really added something to the bathroom.

Here is the shower curtain that it all started from. A large fabric print and adding a solid border is the easiest way to make a shower curtain. Putting grommets in the top of the curtain really adds a good look to it and they are so easy to install. Much easier then putting in button holes. Enjoy!

March 23, 2011

So my big news finally came in the mail! I got an advanced copy of Sew News magazine and I am officially published! It's my first sewing piece in a magazine. I was asked to sew a raincoat out of Amy Butler's pattern last year and I only had a short time frame to do it in. It was the first time working with the laminated fabric so it was quite the challenge. I struggled but got through it and was able to write an article on how to use the laminate fabric....and then I got a 4 page article! So excited. Check it out!