August 4, 2011

Warrior Bootie...

I haven't been in blog land in quite a while but I have been QUITE the busy lady. Yesterday my shirts came in for the Warrior Dash event I'm participating in in just a couple of weeks! I'm excited and terrified all in the same. I have a group of girls from work I am going with and we are going to tackle the course together! Of course we had to have cute shirts with a cute logo so hence the team name, 'Wardashians'. I was thrilled how the logo I designed came out on the shirts and can't wait to sport them the day of the even. Now to figure out what color shorts to wear...I probably should be more focused on the training then the outfit...

Now on to some bootie. hehe. The cutest lady I work with is having a baby (just a few weeks away) and we had a shower for her a few weeks ago. My friend told me about diaper cakes so I googled a tutorial and came up with the cake below! I had to top it with something fun and I came up with these crocheted booties below. They are SO cute and I thought camo was perfect for a little boy!

The booties were a quick thing to whip up and were a great 'cake topper'. The cake is centered with a bottle of baby powder and wrapped with some thin strips of fabric. Some people use ribbon but of course I went for the fabric. Then I just jazzed it up with some fun stickers I picked up at the craft store! This is a great idea for any baby shower.

Now let's hope the Warrior Dash doesn't kick my bootie!

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