August 20, 2009


You had to see the pictures first right?? Can you believe it, I finished my first quilt! With help from my mother, and some co-workers, I finally completed this! Gino was even impressed with it. I'm going to have to keep that fur ball away from this. I created this quilt from Valori Wells Urban Flannel collection. It's a very large quilt (about a queen size) and very heavy due to it being flannel, but it's going to be cozy in the winter!

After creating my first quilt, I have a greater appreciation for all of those crazy quilters out there! And I mean that in the best way ever!


  1. Great job from one of the crazies out there! Enjoy your warm winter!

  2. Look at you! How awsome.
    You did a wonderful job.

  3. wow, that is so awesome!

    LOVE the mix of color and patterns... Hard to believe those brights are flannel, I always picture flannel either pastel or dark... not bright!

    That will be so perfect for a snuggly cold night.