June 25, 2009

First for Batiks!

I finally FINISHED a project that I have been wanting to do. That is my problem, I start projects, but finishing them is always the issue! I have been wanting to make a sewing machine cover for a long time now. Not only would it be pretty, but it would prevent dust and cat hair from getting in and on my machine. So when I came across this free tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! (which is one of my favorite blogs) I thought this would be quick and easy to make.

I had planned on using some scraps I had from previous projects, but when I came across some batik samples at work, I just had to use them! Mom helped me pick them out, which ended up in a pile of purple of course, washed them, and I was ready to go!

Here I was in the process of sewing all the rows together. Working on the floor may not be the best setup, but I make it work! Notice the trend in purple?

The finished product! I was thrilled with it and it fit my machine perfectly! Now my machine will stay dust free! Notice the sewing box on the left, that was another score from work. It holds all my thread which was piling out of a tin can before I got this.

This is the side view whick lets you see the ribbon that holds it in place. Picking out the ribbon was probably the hardest part. I was standing at Michael's for forever trying to pick the best purple!


  1. I LOVE this cover!! So much nicer that the plain ones I have on my machines. Gonna check out that pattern soon.

  2. I love it. You did a wonderful job. I got to go to that blog. Hope you are staying cool. It's so HOT. Have not got to look through pictures yet, but I have not forgotten.

    The Cuz---